Jake Paul Claims He Has Surpassed WWE Legend Brock Lesnar For The ‘biggest MMA Debut Of All Time’!!

Jake Paul, the YouTube sensation turned professional boxer, has set his sights on a new challenge: mixed martial arts (MMA). Last year, Paul signed with the Professional Fighters League (PFL), gearing up for what PFL CEO Peter Murray claims will be the biggest MMA debut of all time, surpassing even Brock Lesnar’s iconic 2007 debut.


Murray expressed his excitement about Paul’s upcoming MMA debut in an interview with SunSport. “When Jake Paul debuts in MMA, it will be the largest MMA debut ever, a massive global mega event,” Murray said. “He’s taking the sport seriously while he continues to compete at the highest level in boxing and blows people’s minds. He’s doing it his way, which is incredible to watch, and he really has a fighters-first perspective, thinking not only about his own career but also about other careers within his camp and the world.”

Paul’s commitment to the PFL aligns with his broader support for the league’s mission of prioritizing fighters. His debut is expected to be against a high-profile opponent, with several notable MMA athletes already vying for the chance to face him. “There’s a list and it’s growing. So we will be sharing more details at the appropriate time,” Murray added.

Brock Lesnar, who made a successful transition from WWE to UFC, set a high bar with his MMA debut in 2007. Lesnar won the UFC heavyweight title in 2008 after just four fights and, despite a brief retirement in 2011 following a loss to Alistair Overeem, returned to fight Mark Hunt in 2016, although the result was later overturned due to a doping scandal.

Jake Paul, 27, is also set to return to boxing for a postponed match against 57-year-old boxing legend Mike Tyson. The bout, originally scheduled for July 20, was delayed due to Tyson’s health issues, potentially affecting the timeline for Paul’s MMA debut in the PFL.

The PFL roster already boasts notable names from the boxing world, including Claressa Shields, Savannah Marshall, and Amanda Serrano. Shields, a two-time Olympic gold medalist and multi-division boxing champion, holds a 2-1 record in MMA. Serrano, with a decorated boxing career, has two wins and one draw in MMA, though she has yet to debut in the PFL. Marshall is set to make her PFL Europe debut this Saturday in Newcastle against Mirela Vargas, with plans for a potential MMA rematch against Shields following their 2022 boxing title fight.

Murray highlighted the significance of these women transitioning to MMA, believing they will pave the way for more boxers to follow. “We have Amanda Serrano, champion, and she’s an incredible boxer, obviously, highest level, and she has history in MMA. We signed her and we’re looking forward to Amanda getting back in the cage. But again, with Claressa, Savannah, Amanda, the greatest women in boxing today turning to MMA to the PFL to take on this sport, I think it’s incredibly bold and very exciting to watch.”

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