Pregnant Hailey Bieber does her ‘hydration routine at 31,000 feet’ in a private jet as she talks up her skincare line Rhode

Hailey Bieber, the renowned model and entrepreneur, recently showcased her dedication to self-care and skincare even while traveling. Pregnant with her first child, Hailey shared a glimpse into her “hydration routine at 31,000 feet” while aboard a private jet. This demonstration not only highlighted her commitment to maintaining a healthy glow but also served as a perfect opportunity to promote her skincare line, Rhode.

In a series of Instagram stories, Hailey revealed the steps of her in-flight hydration regimen, emphasizing the importance of keeping her skin moisturized and refreshed during long journeys. As she applied various products from her Rhode skincare line, Hailey explained the benefits of each item, from hydrating serums to nourishing face masks. Her routine included a gentle cleanser, a hydrating mist, and a rich moisturizer, all designed to combat the dehydrating effects of air travel.

Dressed comfortably in a chic, relaxed outfit, Hailey looked radiant as she effortlessly demonstrated her skincare tips. Her natural beauty and glowing skin were a testament to the effectiveness of her Rhode products. Throughout the video, she emphasized the importance of self-care, especially for expectant mothers, and encouraged her followers to prioritize their skin health.

Hailey’s Rhode skincare line has been gaining popularity for its focus on clean, high-quality ingredients and simple yet effective formulations. By sharing her personal routine, Hailey not only connected with her audience on a more intimate level but also reinforced the credibility and authenticity of her brand. Her transparency and genuine enthusiasm for her products resonated with fans and followers, further solidifying Rhode’s reputation in the competitive skincare market.

As Hailey continues to balance her modeling career, her role as a soon-to-be mother, and her entrepreneurial endeavors, she remains an inspiration to many. Her dedication to self-care, even at 31,000 feet, serves as a reminder that taking care of oneself is always a priority, no matter the circumstances.



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