“If I Vs. Tyson In ’86, I Would Kick That Guy’s Ass” Deontay Wilder Declared He Would Beat Mike Tyson Even When Mike Tyson Was At His Peak !

Deontay Wilder, the American heavyweight boxing sensation, has made a bold claim: he believes he could defeat Mike Tyson, even in Tyson’s prime.


Back in 2018, Wilder spoke with TMZ, confidently stating, “Me vs. Tyson in ’86, I’d kick the hell outta that guy.” He elaborated, “Listen, I gotta keep it real. I know people always compare eras, but there’s no era where I’m not No. 1 on Earth.”

Wilder’s confidence extends to his skills. “Nobody has a natural killer instinct like I do,” he declared. “Ain’t nobody could ever knock me out. My hand speed, my reach, my height, my athleticism, my footwork – all that gives me an advantage, it plays a big part.”

Tyson Will Kill These Guys!"- Trainer Backs Mike Tyson to Finish Deontay  Wilder Under 1 Minute - EssentiallySports

Despite his bravado, Wilder acknowledges Tyson’s legacy. “No disrespect to Mike Tyson,” he conceded, “in his era he was the best, but this is a new era. No old-school fighter should beat a new-school fighter. Look at the technology we have today.”

Bob Arum says that Deontay Wilder is an ‘atrocious boxer’ but has freak  knockout power with staggering rec

Wilder’s claim has sparked debate among boxing fans. Could his raw power and athleticism overcome Tyson’s legendary speed and ferocity? This fantasy matchup remains a topic of heated discussion. One thing is certain: Wilder’s unwavering self-belief adds another layer of intrigue to the heavyweight division.

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